Tuesday, March 29, 2011

O February

February was an eventful month as always!!! My parents went on a vacation to San Antonio for a week!! While down there by dad got the violent H1N1 (swiiiiiiiine flu)!! I mean leaving the farm for more then 2 days is a LARRRRRRRRRGE step for him, let alone a week in San Antonio! Then come home to find out that now he isn't going to die (as he thought he was going to) he just had the swine flu and was trapped inside for another week! God Bless my mother, I'm sure it wasn't easy for her and God knows it wasn't for him! The man loves his cows and works like he is 25 not 6(insert number here)! Not to worry he has informed my mother they are not going on another vacation!! The farthest south he is going is to come see me! LOL He told her he has only been to Texas twice in his life once before he got shipped over to get his ass shot at in nam, and the second time he comes home with the flu!!

Next was THE Iowa Beef Expo and of course my birthday! Much to my amazement my roomie (Nicole) and boyfriend (Cody) threw me a surprise birthday party at the sports page it was super fun for everyone that came!!! That weekend I spend helping Diane take pictures of all those little juniors that showed up there! For the most part they do such a good job! I consider myself to have a lot of patience, but really some people need to learn you can't make a bad one look good in a picture! If it's bad it is bad, learn from it and move forward!! Whoofta ok got that out!! O yah and there was a little rain and snow in there somewhere too!

March Mr. Over Achiever who hasn't got the memo yet he isn't 27 and can do everything and not listen to the doctors ended up back in the hospital with inflamed pancreas!! He was in there for 2 days and 2 nights!! He couldn't eat anything for those 2 days and was strictly on a iv diet! Bless the nurses the man can eat like an elephant and not gain a pound! I definitely didn't get that trait from him, I look at food and expand!! Also, why we are throwing these things out there thanks for the fat hands to dad reallllllllllllllllly appreciate that! NOT!! He eventually got to eat some food and it had to run its course before they would let him out of the hospital!! The rest of the month has been splendid and him and my bro Brad are calving like mad men now!! Tear* Calving is the best time of the year!! I mean it is like Christmas everyday for a month! Sometimes (insert bulls name here) brings you one a day or 4 or 5 a day!! I luckily received a Monopoly Bull calf out of my ONE AND ONLY cow I have left!! Now lets just hope my dad and brother are pampering it for me daily so it can make me some moola in the fall!!

The picture above is an old picture that brings back memories of the spring of '92! Mystery (the calf) was literally a mystery, one morning my dad went to check cows on the east side of the road and found this calf in a pen down there!! Now my dad being the investigator he is was quite puzzled how this calf ended up in a pen in which he couldn't have gotten into unless someone had put him in there!! He thought he would look anyways and see if there was a cow that had fresh cleanings hanging out of her!! So he searched the herd for an hour and nothing! He threw him in the back of the pickup and took him down to my grandmas! This bottle calf was probably the most spoiled thing you have ever seen!! Old Blue (was not a quiet truck and when Mystery heard it pull in the yard it would literally be so excited! Often when us kids would get off the bus we would go let mystery out and he would just follow us around the yard like a dog!! This day in particular my dad and uncle were planting! So Shane (my cuz), Brad and I decided to get mystery out and play with him before dad came home to do chores!! We were out playing in Grandma's front yard and soon here comes my dad down the road and pulls down to the barn!! As you can see below mystery took off running to him and us three kids trailing him! (Make that 2 of us)

Friday, February 25, 2011

O my where has the time gone!!

Ok so I'm doing awful at this whole blogging thing! I need to get back in the swing of things!! Since I last wrote we will just do a quick recap of the months!!

July: was HOTT! Can we say pool much! Nicole and I spent a lot of time at the pool in as it was hotter then bocephus!! So we did a lot of pooling and sitting in the air conditioning! You know ever since I got an office job I just can't handle the heat like I used to be able too! Tehehehe!! Also, not to mention we live in this jacked up apartment place that clearly when built didn't have a clue about air flow! Lets just say a window air conditioner doesn't get back to the bedrooms and when Nicole and Jen are hot we can't sleep!! So what did we do... saddled up my mattress off my bed and moved it into the living room where we had many nights of slumber partying!! It was quite the site but at least we could sleep!!

August: STATE FAIR STATE FAIR STATE FAIR!! Whoop whoop love it!! However, it had to be one of the hottest State Fairs I could ever remember!! I mean we are talking pigs dying hot state fair! Tanner and Danielle both showed on the first day of the fair and OMG was it hot!! By far the hottest day of the fair!! T showed pigs and Danielle bless her heart showed a heifer, 5 sheep and 4 pigs that day!! Now let me just get this mental picture in your head!! Hot=Jennifer doesn't due hot as hell days (gma smith coming through in me)! So anyways Deanna and Danielle took off for the lamb barn that glorious morning, T and Jeff took off for the pig barn and Cody and I were in charge of the heifer (more of my element), not that I don't like the rest of them b/c I love me some lambs that are super cute and some cute piggies!! But cattle is where it is at!! So if you would like to know how hot it was that Thursday, I got ready in the marvelous camper (you know hair, makeup the whole thing)! Well I might has well just rolled out of bed and went! By the time I put my boots on outside of the camper I was sweating profusely!! So little to say by the end of the day of going from barn to barn to watch Danielle and T show, and helping Cody fit the heifer I was wiped, look I had been hit by a semi! However, it was fun and we got through it! The Iowa State Fair 4-H steer and heifer show is like the Grand Daddy of all state fairs! If you win the ISF you are like a legend, (well maybe not like a John Wayne) but close!! So anyways my father and brother raised the Reserve Champion Steer at the State Fair this year!! I was sooooooooooo excited for them as they put in more time with cows then anyone I know!! The Champion also held a special place in my heart as it went to my best friends fam!! Tyler Lee Faber (Sara's brother)!!!

September: Speaking of cattle and Sara Faber!! What would you know that my families cattle sale was the same week as Sara's wedding! So I took a nice week long break from work and went home to help get sale cattle ready! By ready I mean I washed and dried! Brad doesn't trust me with a clippers and rightly so!! Sara coincidentally got married in Okoboji which is 10 minutes from my house! So we had wedding festivities on Friday and Saturday! It was a large time had by all let me tell you what!!

October: SALE SEASON!!! This is correct during sale season you might as well build me a cot and plop it right by my desk at work! I did however manage to make it to a couple Iowa State Football games with Cody's family!! O and a new girl started here here name is Megan she is another new bestie!

November: Is always mass craziness!! However Cody got a new dog "Ella" she is a doll and well from what I hear she isn't Cody's dog anymore, but we will see!! Also, it is Holmes Show Cattle Sale Thanksgiving weekend so I always go up there and help with that!!

December: Started out with a blizzard shocking I know and ended in a blizzard!! Between the beginning and end was my brothers bred heifer sale that was completely blizzarded out! Well to the point I couldn't get there! Then for Christmas Holmes took us to Florida for the Holiday it was a superb time!! Loved it especially Sea World and Epcot!!

January: Went to my parents for Christmas was fun but not near long enough! Then yes while everyone was in Denver I was again here at work! Again shocking!!

Stay tuned for February and pics from the past 6 months!! Tehehe